Saturday, December 06, 2014

John Bishop at the 3Arena

Last Christmas my daughters got me the brilliant Christmas present of tickets to a John Bishop Show at the 3Arena, and almost 11.5 months later I finally got to see this classiest and funniest of comedians. Is there a funnier man on the planet? I think not!

Image Source: Irish Independent.
The show started with recorded material with Gary Lineker, Samuel L. Jackson, Graham Norton and José Mourinho - this is all about Bishop missing three penalties in charity matches. Bishop comes back to this theme to end his show with a penalty shoot-out with a member of the audience. He comes across as a normal person talking about his life and he plays himself down with ease while we laugh our guts off at his stories. I'm sure he appealed to all ages in the audience, though I (and I'm sure everybody else) felt he was talking to me. His story of First Class flight to Australia where he had a shower (and a w*nk) was particularly funny for our section of the audience as Michael O'Leary (CEO of Ryanair) was just a few rows behind us!

Overall - a fantastic evening's entertainment, and from the buzz of the 9,500 sold-out crowd leaving the 3Arena, everyone else there felt the same as me. Now to get an Anadin for my sore sides! 

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