Thursday, January 16, 2014

Visiting New York City - Day 4

Today was mostly about snot! Yes, all those people who were coughing on the flight over to NYC gave us the gift of colds and flu. First we all got up to have an American breakfast at the Malibu Diner on West 23rd Street. I didn't feel like eating much and I opted for simple pancakes and bacon, but I was served a mountain of pancakes - I'm guessing I only managed to eat about about a third of it. As it was Sunday morning, the diner was very busy and many of the customers seemed to know each other. Great diner, great atmosphere, great food, great value - but be hungry when you go there.

With my daughter Claire at Times Square.
After checking out of the hotel we headed uptown for some last minute shopping, including to Best Buy to exchange Vicki's Kindle Fire for the excellent Google Nexus. I wasn't feeling any better and even started to shiver, so I headed back to the hotel (where we had left our bags) to get another jumper. A feckin' cold was spoiling my last day in NYC. Later we adjourned to the Perfect Pint bar on West 45th Street, but I was not able to put the bar's title to the test (unless a pint of Diet Coke counts)! The girls finished their shopping and we had a last snack at the Guy and Gallard Café near our hotel on 31st Street - this was the cheapest place we had eaten at in New York, and I had a delicious sandwich.

It was time to leave for the airport and it was difficult parting from Claire not knowing when I'd see her again. New York is her home now and she is very happy there - she is just one of thousands of young Irish people who have to find a life outside of Ireland.

Our over-night flight home was on an almost empty Aer Lingus plane. I could not sleep and I also raided the bathrooms for lots of tissues to deal with the snot. I watched the 4.5 hour long Gods & Generals movie about the American Civil War on my iPad. This was a movie that lost a lot of money and it's easy to see why - nevertheless I enjoyed it.

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