Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Visiting New York City - Day 3

Saturday morning in NYC and what better way to start the day than go shopping. Yesterday in the rain I noticed that both my shoes were leaking, and I persuaded myself that I should buy a new pair. My old ECCO shoes, which were also that last pair of shoes that I bought, were purchased on 13th October 2008 (I blogged about that here!). So after over five years of very regular wear, it was time to say goodbye to them. I bought a pair of very comfortable Rockport shoes which I wore for the rest of the day.

We also went up to Best Buy to get an Amazon Kindle Fire for Vicki, only to later discover that has restrictions outside the US (they later exchanged it no problem). Claire also brought me to the Harley-Davidson Store on Lexington Avenue where she bought me a super t-shirt. After this I made my way to the American Museum of Natural History, and what a treat this is! First, it is huge and there is no way you can see and read everything in just one day - there is so much to see and do. The Indian Peoples section was great, as were the stuffed animals, the rocks, and fish. But the crowning glories were the dinosaur skeletons - Tyrannosaurus Rex and a Brontosaurus being the biggest specimens. Unfortunately my iPhone camera captured my shots as .PNGs rather than .JPGs and cannot be reproduced here.

We wrapped up our evening in the California Pizza Kitchen where we enjoyed great pizza and artichoke dip. Ominously we were all feeling a bit out of sorts with coughs and sneezes starting to take hold - I was able to eat very little. Saturday night in New York City and I went to bed at 10.30. #PartyAnimal!

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