Sunday, January 26, 2014

Two dozen Semesters

Tomorrow marks the start of my 24th semester in NCI and I am looking forward to getting back into "business" in the classroom. I am listed to teach on the following modules:
  • IT Project Management
  • 3rd Year Project
  • Managerial Foundations of Information Systems
  • Business Analysis and Problem-Solving Techniques
The last module above will not start until March, so I've a reasonably light teaching load for the first five weeks or so. For the first time in many years I will not be teaching the Business System Analysis module on the Certificate in Business Analysis - I will miss this module. It will also be the first semester in many years that I will be teaching for two nights a week.

Image Source: ExamSoft Blog.
For many students this is their last semester in College. It's probably lucky for them that no final year classes have me this semester! 15 weeks (includes reading and revision weeks) from now seems a long way off, but as always it will fly by in a heartbeat.

The ExamSoft Blog offers Five Tips for Kicking Off a Great New Semester, including “Make the time to network with your colleagues a couple hours a week" - in other words, make time to relax as well as study. I'm sure every graduate will agree with me when I say that especially for final year students to enjoy the semester as it might be the last time you will have such freedom to do so! My own last semester (1983) was memorable because I enjoyed it and was very relaxed - after four years in College I had finally figured out the balance between pleasure and study.

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