Thursday, March 14, 2013

Habemus Papam Francescum!

I like the new Pope - Francis I. Like millions of Catholics (and non-Catholics) across the world I was glued to the News yesterday evening when the "white smoke" appeared over the Sistine Chapel. The drama of the time from the white smoke to the new Pope appearing at the window of St Peter's Basilica is hard to beat.

Today I hear that the former Cardinal Bergoglio is a humble man with modest tastes - he even took the bus after being appointed Pope instead of a limo. Perhaps this level of humility and common-touch is just what the Church needs. It would be good also if he did away with things like kissing rings and bowing before him. He has a lot of work to do to restore the Church (if this can even be done) to some respectability.

The crowd in St Peter's Square really looked like they were enjoying themselves and there seemed to be a great deal of excitement and anticipation. It was hard to believe that I was there only last Friday and missed all the excitement - I'd love to have been there.

The new Pope and I have something in common - the name Francis , which is my second name and his new Pope handle. I was given this name after my Grand Uncle Monsignor Charles Francis Hurley who I have previously written about here.

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