Saturday, March 23, 2013

UPC Broadband - First Impressions @UPCIreland

It's exactly a week since the UPC engineers switched our broadband connection from Eircom to UPC and my first impressions are largely very positive. The 100 Mbps package does exactly what it says on the tin. I am getting 100 Mbps plus over an Ethernet cable from the router to my desktop PC in my home office. And it is consistent - I have run several speed tests over the past week and it comes up over 100 Mbps every time. Very happy with this - it is 25 times faster than our old Eircom connection, and it is cheaper too. This is a really fast connection - it is really noticeable when working with large files in Google Drive and SkyDrive.

UPC Broadband - RĂ¡pido!
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However, WiFi within the house was poor. The UPC engineers told me to expect a 30% fall off to about 65 Mbps, but it never came close to this in any part of the house. It was as low as 4 Mbps upstairs, and my iPad could not pick up a signal in my bedroom. I tweeted about this to @UPCIreland who arranged for a Tech Support call. We checked and changed some settings, but to no noticeable effect.

This morning I moved the router to the centre of the house. This meant extra coaxial and Ethernet cabling. Despite never having worked with Ethernet cabling before, I was pleasantly surprised that everything worked. The WiFi is a lot stronger in the house, ranging from 20-40 Mbps - even upstairs. There are extra Ethernet slots on the router, so I'll probably hook these up so that my daughters get the best speed possible upstairs for their laptops.

The verdict? Very happy with UPC so far!

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