Thursday, February 02, 2012


On Tuesday evening last Roma's hand bag was stolen from our kitchen - we were in the house at the time. We did not discover the theft until Wednesday morning - we had to cancel credit cards, get new keys to the house, new keys to Roma's business and set about getting new keys to Roma's car. At 2.00 on Wednesday morning our house alarm went off - this was before we knew the bag was stolen and thought perhaps it was our new cat that had set the alarm off.

A scumbag.
Image link to the Playing it safe blog.
Last evening the Gardaí called us with the news that they had the handbag - found about two miles away from our house. Nothing but cash stolen. But - we already had our house locks changed, Roma's business locks changed, and just in time prevented the locks on Roma's car being changed. Much expensive inconvenience thanks to the bag snatcher.

The expense has not stopped here. I intend to change the light at the side of the house to one of those sensor type lights, and may also change the gate so that it is more secure and less easy to get past.

Is there anything move suckish that the realization that some scumbag has broken into your house and violated your home? More security vigilance required.

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