Saturday, February 18, 2012

My Dad on RTÉ's Mooney Show

On Thursday last my Dad Joe was a quiz contestant on the RTÉ Radio 1 Mooney Show which was broadcast live from Kilkenny. Before he got to answer the quiz, Derek Mooney and he had some banter during which Dad was persuaded to sing. He obliged with the first line of his favourite song "The Mountains of Mourne", for which he got a deserved great cheer. He was unlucky with some of the questions and didn't win - but he got a nice runners-up prize of a €150 voucher. The full radio show can be heard here, and the section with Dad is about 1 hour and 9 minutes after the start. 

Below I have extracted the 3 minute and 20 second section that features Dad. I did this simply by playing the podcast of the show and recording it (probably illegal) using Audacity through my microphone - hence the slightly poor sound quality. Dad's great sense of humour shines out - enjoy!

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