Friday, February 17, 2012

I Have a Harley - Come at me Bro!

Just heard about Facebook "meme" and that NCI "has" a meme page. Some funny stuff here - check it out. Perhaps this could take the place of feedback?

Anyway - there is a picture of me (Me Me?) on this Facebook page, I "liked" it earlier this evening. Fame at last?

I enjoy this ripping the piss - I make no secret of the fact that I am a Harley rider and I boast tell my new students about this as part of the introduction to new modules. Perhaps it is an effort to score some "cool" points with my students before I get boring with syllabus content.

Well done to the student who managed to take my Blog photo and paint out the background using transparency to put my mug shot on the image - must have being paying attention at multimedia class! This photo is also hanging in the College Boardroom as it is my "formal" photo for the Governing Body of the College.

I believe that "Come at me bro" is an expression from a TV programme called Jersey Shore - a programme I have never watched.

I genuine "LOL" moment!


  1. Almost as good as mr stynes 'google it' catchphrase on Nci meme ... Class