Monday, February 21, 2011

The Greens ask "Is this where Eugene O'Loughlin lives?" #ge11

I missed an ego moment on Saturday evening last when a Green Party canvasser for Ciarán Cuffe called to our house and asked - "Is this where Eugene O'Loughlin lives?". Jaysus - I missed this as I was in Croke Park at the time watching the Dubs bate Cork and Tipp!

Election poster ties on Newtownpark Avenue.
(Photo taken by me at the end of our garden).
Someone in the Green party had picked up my blog posts about election posters ties (see my posts on this here and here), and armed with the electoral register decided to canvass my vote. Roma met him on the doorstep - he told her that Green Party election poster ties are biodegradable (Duh!), and that their policy was that they should be removed along with the posters after the election. He even produced a garden secateurs to prove his point! First - fair play to the Greens for supporting my ideas on election poster ties (and for spotting my blog posts). Secondly - your shared concern, while welcome, will not result in my vote. Too late for that (see why here). Cuffe will be no better than #6 on my ballot paper - a vote that is certain not to transfer to him before he is eliminated from the count.

The fate of the Nation will not rest on whether election poster ties are removed or not - much more serious matters will be decided this Friday. Nevertheless - it is this type of "someone else can clean up" attitude (not by the Greens) that sometimes pisses me off about politicians and their supporters.

But full marks to the Greens for effort!

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