Friday, February 11, 2011

Customer Update from eircom - "Things can only get worse!"

As the ad goes -there must be somebody in eircom who is "in charge of doing things differently". Today I received in the post a "Customer Update" from eircom outlining some changes to the way calls are charged for, and of course some information about "Changing our customer's broadband experience". What a load of bollocks! And get this - eircom (the biggest ISP in the country) sent me a letter via the post office! It must be quicker than sending an email!

Last October I wrote about Leaving eircom for good. Sadly, due to the equally crap service from Imagine and Chorus - there is no one to change to that can provide a better service. I'm stuck with eircom. If you are one of the "over 240,000 people who are enjoying completely uncongested broadband" - lucky you. Technically I have an 8MB NGB line from eircom (at least that is what is on my bill). Here is today's download speed.:

Numerous calls to eircom Tech Support (and I have to say the Tech Support folks, especially on Twitter @eircom, were as helpful as they could be) established that the "NGB" line to my house can only accommodate "up to 4MB". As you can see above I am only getting about 20% of this. The speed does go up to 1.6MB (less than 50%) at times. I should point out that a Customer Complaint made by me was addressed by eircom and I did receive a refund on my last bill.

Message to eircom - sending me out "Updates" like this makes me more angry about eircom than before, and more determined to change. Does the person "in charge of doing things differently" realize that annoying customers is actually a good way to get rid of them?


  1. Hi Eugene

    Been following the blog for a couple of months & really enjoy.

    Particularly the old CCR photo. That's me in front between you & Brian.

    I've had the same trouble with Eircom & Vodaphone so changed at Christmas to Magnet & now get 12.5MB & 1.1 upload. Give them a look.

    Keep up the good work.

    Kieran Hogan (Chico)

  2. Hey Chic - good to hear from you and many thanks for checking out my blog. We haven't met since 25 year reunion back in 2002. We played golf together with Mark Ryan.

    Magnet - I have not checked, but will do. However, I don't see how they can do better than eircom with the same line.


  3. Hi Eugene,

    Its my first time reading your blog.Broadband is a national issue in Ireland aparently. I have experienced the same problems with Imagine, Clearwire and many other companies. I am now a Magnet customer and I am on a 25 MB package. I have constant 22MB/s speed whenever I check . You should try them.

    Keep up the good work

    Kind Regards, Daniel