Thursday, February 17, 2011

Final Do Election Posters Work? #ge11 #rte11 #vinb

After having a go at some election posters around Dublin and Wicklow in the past week or two, on a more serious note I decided to look at what other posters are on the web and I did a Google search for "election posters". Here are some of the results from past and present from Ireland and further abroad:

Must be the best election poster of all
time from 1918 Election?
Graphic from
What would Dev think of Fianna Fáil now?
Graphic from
Graphic from Airminded.

What were Fianna Fáil thinking about?
Graphic from

Sinn Féin showing the power of
the Ballot Box in 1989.
Graphic from the CAIN Web Service.

And finally - Vote for Me!
Created in Zazzle.

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