Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy New Year!

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Two Thousand and Eleven - Happy New Year to all who pass by this Blog. I wish you and yours the best for 2011 where ever you are. 

Many thanks to all my readers who stopped by on 2010, especially to the many who took the time to write comments - I hope that continue to write items of interest in 2011, and I welcome all comments. I do publish all (except those which are clearly spam) - even those by readers who have taken exception to some of my musings and rantings.

Some things I hope that happen in 2011:
  • I hang on to my job
  • Celebrate landmark birthdays: My Dad Joe (80 on March 31st), Roma (50 on August 30th), and my sister Kayo (50 on November 1st) 
  • 25 years of wedded bliss to the lovely Roma (September 13th)
  • Our new government is not any worse than the old one
  • The doom and gloom around Ireland dissipates - if even only for a little
  • I ride my Harley-Davidson to the south east of Spain (and back) in the summer
  • Preston North End stay in the Championship
  • My YouTube channel reaches half a million views by December 31st
  • I keep on blogging!

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