Monday, January 24, 2011

Colour Coded Election Poster Ties

On the 28th March, 2008, I posted a slightly tongue-in-check article to this Blog about the possibility of political parties using colour coded plastic ties for their election posters. Even today, many lamp posts are still adorned with white plastic ties from the last few elections. All political parties are guilty of this, I am puzzled as to why party election workers do not take them down when they are removing their posters - is it laziness? Or is it a more arrogant feeling that somebody else should clean up after them? The Irish Times had earlier published a letter from me to the Editor about this subject on 24th March 2008. 

Here's a copy of my letter to the Editor of The Irish Times again (click to enlarge).

The PDs are gone, so white is available again. I won't propose who should use yellow, or any other colour - suggestions welcome!

I met one ex-PD politician afterwards who had read my letter and thought it was a good idea. Alas - nobody in Government read the letter or they might have introduced some legislation under the Litter Pollution Act to deal with this. 

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