Saturday, January 29, 2011

Film Review: The King's Speech

I went to the "pictures" last evening to see The King's Speech (preceded by an excellent €36 dinner - starters, main course, and carafe of wine for two in the 40 Foot). I had heard most of the build up and about the multiple award nominations for Golden Globes and Oscars - so I was expecting a good evening's entertainment.

I was not disappointed!

Colin Firth gives a magnificent performance as King George VI, with Geoffrey Rush and Helena Bonham-Carter also excellent in support. The king's speech impediment is dealt with very openly, but delicately - and as the central theme it makes for riveting viewing. Add to this the sub-plots of Edward and Mrs Simpson, and the impending war - there is something for everybody in this film. I'm told that Firth is hot favourite for the Oscar - I haven't seen any of the other performances so I can't tell if his was the best, but he will take some beating!

Go see it in the big screen if you can. There are a lot of close up shots of Firth and Rush that fill the screen - only the cinema can give you the right perspective on this.

5 stars.

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