Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Christy Moore at the Grand Canal Theatre

I went to see Christy Moore and Declan Synnott in the Grand Canal Theatre last evening - I'm guessing I'm one of the few Irish people who has not seen Christy in concert ever! Well I've put that right now - Christy was magnificent in delivering many familiar songs from all sections of his career.
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He sang about (read it fast to sound like Christy): shovels, Anne Lovett, the Spanish Civil War, Nazis, Joxer, Magdalene Laundries, injustice, Lisdoonvarna, Frank Ryan, encores, London, building sites, banks, the craic, Rose of Tralee, strong whiskey, Veronica Guerin, and lots more. Christy is best at ballads - The Voyage, Ride On, and Ordinary Man stand out for me. Christy is also very funny and managed to update some of his songs with references to Seán Fitzpatrick, Michael Fingleton, and Michael Flatley!

Christy was accompanied by the excellent Wexford guitarist Declan Synnott. Curiously Declan had four guitars, but only used three, while Christy had a bodhrán beside him that he never used. Synnott is a super guitarist and his accompaniment to Christy worked very well. Christy was beatin' the livin' daylights out of his two acoustic guitars - so much so that each was handed to an assistant after every song, no doubt to be re-tuned.

All in all a very enjoyable evening.

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