Sunday, September 05, 2010

The "wrong" James Burns

I had posted last month about My Great-Grandfather - James Burns, believing that I had found a Mt Jerome death and grave record in the Public Library in Pearse Street. The record is signed my his widow Margaret Burns. The dates and names match my family records, but I did express some doubt in my post because his age was given as 69 at death - my GGF should have been 51 at death. Also, the address given of his widow (29 Rathmines Terrace) did not ring any bells when I mentioned finding the record with my Mum.

I thought a bit more about this and a rather obvious check that I should have done was to look up the 1911 Census records for the residents of 29 Rathmines Terrace. Sure enough, a Burns family lived there with the head of the house James Burns then aged 55 (in 1925 he would have been 69 at death). His wife was Margaret Burns, and the family were Presbyterian.

This James and Margaret Burns can therefore not be my great-grandparents - I'll be a little more careful about this in future. Apologies to anyone in my family, particularly on the Burns (Byrne) side, and to the family of the above James Burns, for this error.

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