Saturday, August 01, 2009

Wet July is over - hurray for August!

I can't really complain - July started for me in Nerja with all day sunshine and 30+ degrees. It was a nice start to the month and I had looked forward to a long break when we got home on 5th July. Since then Ireland has endured a miserably wet summer, most of which I have spent in Wexford. Met √Čireann’s weather station at Johnstown in Co Wexford recorded 211.9mm of rain, more than 50mm (2in) higher than the previous record (see Met √Čireann says July the wettest on record in The Irish Times).

I came back to Dublin last evening on my Harley-Davidson with my wet gear on. Not too much rain, but a lot of spray on the road. It's nice and sunny this morning and I'm heading back down to Wexford for the holiday weekend. Next week is my last week of holidays - unfortunately it looks like more bad weather for the remainder of my holidays.

While in Wexford I have no Internet access for my laptop (just a poor Edge signal for my iPhone). I have gone into Gorey on a couple of accasions to use free WiFi in the Amber Springs Hotel. A pot of tea and warm scone with cream and jam - only €4.50. Add in free WiFi for over an hour's use and this is a bargain. I have had little opportunity to blog - hence the low number of posts in July.

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