Monday, August 31, 2009

Birthday Weekend

Last weekend was a significant birthday week in our family. August 27th is shared as a birthday between my Mum Phil and my daughter Claire. Mum is 75 and Claire is 21. To mark the occasion we partied ith the O'Loughlin family in our house in Wexford last Saturday 29th to celebrate. We also marked the occasion for Roma's birthday which was the next day (August 30th).

For once the weather held up and we had a nice day. Though the evening was cool I lit the brazier which was a great success - especially for toasting marshmallows later in the evening. Mum's friend from Virginia, Mary Ball, also came along - for many years she has really been part of our family. Roma had been working all day preparing the evening meal, and though I did help out, she prepared a great meal for all. Brian came over from England for the party and was his usual self - joking and having a great time catching up with all the family. I hadn't seen him since the Reading vs Preston North End match last February. Kathleen and her family also came from Kilkenny - grandson Daniel provided us with great entertainment as only a small boy can in a large group of adults. Joe and his family came from Bunclody, and the family was completed of course with Mum and Dad who were in great form throughout.

The picture above is one of several I took with my camera - many are out of focus and of poor quality. I don't know what t is, but my camera seems to be working poorly - I do need a better flash (maybe Santa might bring one for Christmas?).

All in all we had a great evening. Claire is 21, and looked great - in the picture above are two of her close friends - Louisa and Molly. Later, when most people had left and we settled down to a glass of wine, Claire entertained us greatly with stories of her social life and her opinions on everything from Barack Obama ("he's done nothing") to 1970's music ("you guys were so lucky - 1970's music is way better than today's"). Mum - at 75, what can I say. She truly looked fantastic and loved the evening with all the family.

So Happy Birthday to Mum, Claire, and Roma - I love you all!

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