Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Metro Further Education

I am featured in today's free Metro Newspaper in the centre section which today is about Further Education. I was asked on Friday to write an article on advice for IT courses at NCI. The full article is on page 17 - you can see it in the e-Metro edition (you will be required to give your email).

There are swine flu and computerphobia themes (not my idea). The antidote?- why a course in NCI obviously! When asked if they could use a photo of me on my bike to accompany the article I agreed - they did not tell me it would occupy almost half a page. It is a little embarrassing and I got lots of slagging at work today about it. It's really a photo of a bike with a bloke sitting on it, rather than a photo of of a Lecturer who's hobby is motorcycling!

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