Friday, July 24, 2009

José Padial - Fotógrafo de la Cueva de Nerja

I mentioned in a previous post that Roma and I visited the Nerja Caves while on holiday earlier this month in Spain - I should have also mentioned that at the same time there was a photographic exhibition on in the centre of Nerja marking the 50th anniversary of the discovery of the caves and some photographs taken by at the time by a local Nerja photographer - José Padial. All of the literature and labels at the exhibition were in Spanish which was a pity because there was a lot of English speaking people at the exhibition. I bought the (Spanish only) booklet at the exhibition - it is excellent as it has copies of all the photos (black and white) shown in the exhibition. While the photos themselves tell a story, I wish I could read Spanish to get full value. Definitely an enjoyable follow-up to visiting the caves themselves.

The caves were discovered in January 1959. As this was an event that occured in the same year I was born I will be on the look out for other interesting things that occured that year (and maybe blog about them).

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