Saturday, July 18, 2009

New Computer

Our five year old Dell Precision Workstation finally gave up last week and I decided to get a new computer. The workstation worked really well and lasted a long time - so I went for the same idea again. We got a new Dell Studio XPS - 12MB memory and 2TB hard-disk. Expensive, but I hope will last at least another five years.

It is awkward to be without your main computer - I have been able to use my laptop from work, and our broadband connection is still available through our WLAN. I was very fond of our old computer. Before it died I managed to backup almost everything onto a portable hard-drive. Needless to say we have a lot of media files and documents which take up a lot of space. The old computer can be booted in safe mode, so I will keep for a while in case I forgot something.

I am having good fun setting up the new computer. It connected to the web straight away, so I was able to download and set up things like iTunes and McAfee no problem. A pity I can't simply copy applications - e.g. I don't have the CD for Paint Shop Pro and can't re-install it. It is very fast - copying files is very quick. It is far more powerful than we need at home, but will not need to be upgraded for several years.

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