Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Wedding - Elaine Maher and Olan McCarthy

On Saturday 11th July, Roma and I attended the wedding of my colleague at NCI Elaine Maher to Olan McCarthy. Elaine is a native of Achill Island so we looked forward to a weekend in Mayo which we split between Roma's natiive Castlebar and Achill. We were slightly late for the wedding mass in Bunnacurry Church due to being stuck behind about 10 vintage cars between Newport and Achill - 30-40 KPH all the way!

We had a great ceremony with Elaine looking great (Olan too!). The priest was very amusing and interesting, and the wedding mass with excellent choice of music was very enjoyable.

After the mass, the wedding photos took place inside the church as a storm had already started outside - it was the worst weather many had seen for some time. The wedding cavalcade took a long detour in pouring rain past Elaine's house in Dooniver. The Reception was in Alice's in Achill Sound. We had a great evening, nice food, and I even danced a little bit. The room as extremely warm and I sweated quite a lot. Every now and again I went outside to cool down - the wind and horizontal rain were still pelting down. Roma and I were staying in the nearby Achill Sound Hotel, but it was a difficult walk back to the hotel in the gale force wind - we ruined two umbrellas.

Best wishes to Elaine and Olan - I hope they enjoy long life and happiness together. Thank you to you both for inviting us to your special day - we really enjoyed ourselves.

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