Friday, July 10, 2009

Nerja, Spain – Part II

For the last part of our holiday in Nerja we continued the relaxed style of holiday-making. I have read a second book, Peter de Rosa’s “Rebels” (review on Amazon later) which I much enjoyed even though it dramatises the events of 1916.

I am writing this post two days after arriving home, so I am working from memory. Roma and I visited the Cuevos Nerja (Nerja Caves) – it was only when we got there that we realised we had been there before. Nevertheless, these caves are well worth visiting as they feature spectacular columns of stalagmites and stalactites, including one reputed to be the largest in the world. We also enjoyed the wonderful viaducts, both old (for water) and modern (for motorway).

On Friday we visited Frigiliana. We had also been there before, but were keen to revisit again. There are lots of arty type shops and we had a great look around. We didn’t buy much, though Roma bought some clothes and I bought a fridge magnet and a dangling ornament to go with the many others in our conservatory at home. Frigiliana is set in beautiful hilly surroundings and is well worth a visit.

For our final day we decided to go to Burriana beach. The sea was nice and cool, but the sand was scorching hot due to the very hot day – we burned the soles of our feet walking the short distance from our sun-loungers to the water. It was quite crowded and a crying baby close by made our stay there a testing one for my tolerance of crying babies (which is getting lower as I grow older). Burriana beach is also well served by bars and restaurants – we adjourned to the H2O bar for a welcome cider afterwards. An arriving motorbike group (most on Yamahas and Suzukis) made we wish I had my Harley with me. We spent a lot of time in the evening packing for returning home before heading out for our last dinner out.

Our return home on Sunday started early and we were on the road by 9.15. I missed the turn for the airport at Malaga (I was looking for the car hire building) – otherwise the drive was fine. Malaga airport was very busy, with more flights it seemed for the UK and Ireland than anywhere else. We bought some obligatory duty-free. On the flight I watched “The Wrestler” for which Mickey Rourke got an Oscar nomination. While he was very good, the film wasn’t great – but it passed the time (I got to see it all this time). Kate picked us up at the airport and I was glad to finally get home. Cloud and rain greeted us – we estimated that the temperature was 20C lower in Dublin than in Nerja. No need for sun protection here.

Overall it was a very pleasant, if lazy holiday. Vicki and Aoife were great company for one another, while Roma and I very much enjoyed our time together. This was the first time we had gone to the same place on a holiday abroad – Nerja is a nice place, though I will remember mostly barking dogs and crying babies. Food is good, though not excellent, but good value also. I felt that I had not been ripped off once while I was there – for me a good experience. I think I would like to go back some day, but there are loads of other places to see and experience.

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