Saturday, June 27, 2009

Guy's Postal Record of Newmarket in 1914

Guy's Postal Record of Newmarket in 1914 shows some details for both my grandparent's families - click here for webpage.

Thomas Hurley (my great-grandfather) is listed as follows:


Newmarket Dairy Co Ptd,Churchline, Thos Hurley, mngr

There is no direct mention of O'Loughlins, but there is a "Jehr O'Loughlan" of Barnacurra listed as a landowner:



Electoral div. Barleyhill.

O'Loughlan Jerh, Barnacurra

My third cousin Catherine believes this to be Joseph O'Loughlin of Barnacurra.

I will update my family tree with these details and the census links from previous posts.

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