Sunday, June 07, 2009

Diep Le Shaker

Last evening Roma and I were out to dinner at the Diep Le Shaker restaurant courtesy of CiarĂ¡n and Catherine O'Connell - we had never been there before. As we were a little early we had a quick pint in The Pembroke Inn across the road first - a very quiet spot where Roma and I tried to remember if we had once heard that The Pembroke had lesbian nights. Last night was my first time ever in this pub (and I didn't see any lesbians!).

Diep Le Shaker was a very noisy and crowded restaurant - Recession how are ye! It took a long time to get inside the door as there was quite a large hen party taking their time coming out. We had a really nice meal - mine was a tasty prawn curry served in a pineapple with its core removed. I don't normally go a for a curry when eating out, but the prawns were cooked just right in a mild coconut sauce. The restaurant has a busy atmosphere with fantastic looking Thai food - it was really hard to select one meal from an excellent menu. Roma had crispy sea bass so I tried some of that - delicious. For dessert I had a Toblerone cocktail (recipe), which was delicious but hard to consume with a straw - I gave up and used a spoon. We had an excellent chat and gossip over dinner in a super restaurant with great service. Diep Le Shaker is certainly recommended - especially if you don't mind some noise.

Afterwards there was time for a last drink in The Pembroke Inn - still no lesbians, but I has a nice pint of Guinness to round off a very enjoyable evening.

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  1. I love Diep le Shaker, the combination of Thai food and great cocktails is one I'm particularly fond of! If you enjoyed that you could also try Koh in the 'Italian Quarter' -