Saturday, June 27, 2009

Census 1911 - my Hurley Great Grandparents

Previously I mentioned that I had found my grandfather PJ O'Loughlin and his family in the National Archives 1911 census. I knew my grandmother (Kathleen Hurley) also lived in Newmarket, Co. Cork, but I could not find her or any Hurleys in the census data. Thanks to my third cousin Catherine Culloty, who lives in Newmarket, for finding the census return for them under the name "Hurby".

Details of the Hurley household in April 1911 can be found here. My grandmother was seven years old at the time and is listed as "Katty Teresa". Her mother's name was Bridget and her father's name was Thomas. Also listed is my grand aunt Hannah Mary who became a Loreto nun (Sr Bridget), Patrick Peter (my grand uncle Pat), and Ellen Agnes (my grand aunt Eileen, or "Mrs D" as she was affectionally known). Missing are two grand uncles who were boarders in my old school CCR - Charlie (1908-1912) and Tim (1909-1914). They are listed in the census return for CCR here - they are numbers 56 (Charlie) and 62 (Tim). I showed the census return for the Hurley household to Dad who was fascinated to see his mother listed as "Katty" - it was also proof to him that his mother was older than his father as he always suspected but never find out (she was very secretive about her age). She is listed as 7 years old in April 1911 - her birthday was in August. PJ was 6 years old at the census (seven in December 1911), so she was 1 year and four months older than him.

I have logged a correction of the family surname on-line - hopefully the census folks will make the correction in the next 2-3 months.

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