Saturday, May 09, 2009

What was my go-to "broke meal?"

Since I signed up for Plinky prompts, I have never actually answered or written about any of their questions, even though I do read them every time they come into my Inbox. This one caught my attention...

What was your go-to "broke meal?" Do you still eat it, regardless of financial status?

It reminded me of my time in Trinity College in the early 1980s when I lived at 9 Upper Sherrard Street near Mountjoy Square. This was during my time as a post-graduate student as I was by now supporting myself, so money was tight. My "broke meal" was sausages, beans, and potatoes. I used to buy a half-pound of Denny's sausages (8 in a pack), a tin of beans (always the cheapest brand), and used potatoes from the communal four-stone bag that I and my house-mates shared. A meal was four sausages, half a tin of beans, and about four boiled spuds - always washed down with tea. As I had used only half of what I bought, I had the same meal again the next day - very cheap, but tasty to eat. No - I don't have this as a meal today, it's more likely to be gourmet sausages and mash with green vegetables instead of beans. Have I become a food snob? I might try my old "broke meal" again, but I don't fancy the idea of having the same meal again the next day to use up the other half!

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  1. Your 'broke meal' is a lot classier than mine was when I was a student - this was generally noodles, sometimes noodles with toast... And no, I don't really eat noodles anymore...well not the packets ones, anyway.