Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sunday breakfast at "herbstreet"

On Sunday morning, Roma and I decided that we would have breakfast out and to then go for a walk. We drove into Hannover Quay and stopped at the herbstreet restaurant as they had tables outside in the glorious sunshine. I had to put on sun protection cream for the first time this year. I had delicious Eggs Benedict, as well as some of Roma's pancakes - a great treat. herbstreet is definitely recommended, and Recession-permitting we'll be back. We almost got hit by a shopping bag dropped from one of the apartments above the restaurant that landed on the ground right beside our table! And no apology from the culprit!

Afterwards we walked down to Sir John Rogerson's Quay to have a look at the Logos Hope ship which was tied up at the quayside. It is supposedly the world's largest floating bookshop, but it was not open on Sunday morning. After this we drove down to the Great South Wall and walked the length of the wall. We saw fishermen catching mackerel at the end, and the car ferries coming into Dublin Port. As you can see in the photo (from my iPhone) we still had glorious sunshine.

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