Saturday, May 02, 2009

Happy 18th Birthday Kate!!!

Yesterday, 1st May, was Kate's 18th birthday.

We had a house party for her to which she invited 2,000 of her closest friends. It was hard work all evening keeping the crowd fed and watered. I had to go out for ice as our freezer failed to produce enough. Being a warm evening the crowd went outside a lot - I had warned the neighbours to expect noise, but apart from some boisterous behaviour from some of the lads everyone was well behaved. We sang "Happy Birthday" - the photo to the right was taken just after this. Johnny (S/O) was also there - it was the first time I saw Kate kissing a boy. I need to remember that she is now officially an adult and that she's not a kid anymore. However, there is always a place in my heart for her as Daddy's Little Girl. The party was slow to wind down, but I stayed up to keep an eye on things. I spent the last part of the evening sipping red wine and reading a paper about an Importance-Performance Matrix - party animal!!!

Big clean up this morning, the place wasn't looking too bad - but you could tell there had been a party. Lots of half empty and nearly full cans and bottles, not too much food lying around. The only damage was to a plastic bucket. Feet up this evening to watch Munster vs Leinster I think for me.

Happy birthday Kate, Love Dad.

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