Saturday, May 09, 2009

New Photo

I recently had my photo taken on my Harley-Davidson for an upcoming issue of "Inside NCI". I brought the bike around to the front of the College, but had to keep it as quiet as possible as the Summer Exams were taking place in the College - not easy on a Harley! The photographer (BC) had me very much at ease, and the bike attracted a little bit of attention. Many colleagues have never seen it as I keep it in the underground car park during the day.

I was offered the photo for this blog and I am changing my old profile photo to this. The old photo was taken with my old Canon EOS 35mm film camera for the article "My Bike and I" which appeared in The Irish Times on 11th June, 2003. Same bike, same jacket, but the hair is a bit more grey. BC also used a wide angle lens, which I think makes me look like a rock star! Excellent photo BC!

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