Thursday, April 10, 2008

Unpublished Letter to The Irish Times - "Road behaviour"

As mentioned in my last post - I have had two of four letters written to the Editor of The Irish Times published. Here's one of the unpublished letters written on 21st July, 2007:


I read with interest Alison Healy's article (July 21st) reporting on a reduction in road injuries and deaths in the past year. Having decided this year to holiday in the West of Ireland for the first time in seven years I could see for myself the evidence of greatly improved road behaviour as I traversed the country. There seemed to me to be less speeding and less careless driving by those whom I shared the road with - long may this continue.

However, it was not completely incident free. Of the five incidences of dangerous driving that I saw over two weeks, four were caused by Northern Ireland registered cars and one by a UK registered car. This is still one aspect of driving behaviour on our roads that has not changed much in seven years. Perhaps further reductions in injuries and deaths will be reported if the apparent immunity with which these motorists drive is removed.

Yours, etc,

Dr. Eugene F.M. O'Loughlin,
2 Richmond,
Co. Dublin

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