Sunday, April 13, 2008

Life begins at 40 for Society - News, frontpage -

Mum and Dad were in The Wicklow People newspaper again this week as the paper marked the 40th Anniversary of the Carnew Musical Society. Both Mum and Dad are mentioned in the article - the link to the on-line version is:

Roma and I went down to Shankill today to buy the paper and then we adjourned to the local Lounge for a pint. While everybody else in the pub was watching Manchester United vs. Arsenal (2-1) we had a nice jar while looking through the paper looking for pictures of Mum and Dad - we couldn't find them. Mum had told me that they were pictured in it, the on-line version had an article about them, but the print version I had did not mention them at all. I suspect that there are different versions of the paper depending on in which part of the County you buy it.

They are also mentioned in the Gorey Guardian:

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