Sunday, April 13, 2008

Dinner Out in Daniel's Restaurant - Glasthule

Roma an I went out to dinner on Friday evening to Daniel's Restaurant in Glasthule near DĂșn Laoghaire. I had never been there before, though Roma had been a few years ago with some friends.

The restaurant is upstairs and is very old fashioned - it really looked like a country B&B dining room that hadn't been painted or decorated in some time. I discovered today that it is actually part of a B&B. However, we had an excellent meal. I started with some really hot seafood chowder - I've had better, but this was good. For main course I had some delicious monkfisk in a white wine/cream sauce with dill - excellent! Roma had a tasty steak in an egg batter. The chef - Daniel Harkin, came out to explain how he would cook it - a nice touch. The other customers seemed to be "regulars" - the waitress seemed to know many of them.

Overall, an very enjoyable meal - I'll certainly revisit.

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