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My Academic Publications

I am not a prolific publisher of academic papers. I managed three journal publications in the late 1980's based on sections of my PhD, and since I became a Lecturer in NCI I have managed a few more - mostly Conference papers. Below is a full list of my work that is published elsewhere. It ranges from formal academic journal papers to Conference papers and sections in books. I publish under the name of "E.F.M. O'Loughlin". Some of these are cited in other publications (I'll get to stating these in a separate post).

O'Loughlin, E.F.M. (2005).
A note on aggregation behaviour and mass mortality of the spider crab Maja squinado (Herbst) (Decapoda, Majidae) in shallow water on the north Co Wexford coast.
Irish Naturalist’s Journal, Issue 28 (2).

O'Loughlin, E.F.M. (1989).
Notes on the distribution of Calliostoma zizyphinum (L.) (Mollusca) on the shores and shallow waters of the Irish coast.
Bulletin of the Irish Biogeographical Society No 12.

O'Loughlin, E.F.M. & Aldrich, J.C (1987).
Morphological variation in the painted topshell Calliostoma zizyphinum (L.) (Prosobranchia:Trochidae), from inter-tidal rapids on the Irish coast.
Journal of Molluscan Studies, volume 53, pp267-272. Abstract.

O'Loughlin, E.F.M. & Aldrich, J.C (1987).
An analysis of shell shape variation in the painted topshell Calliostoma zizyphinum (L.) (Prosobranchia:Trochidae).
Journal of Molluscan Studies, volume 53, pp62-68. Abstract.

Book Chapters:
O’Loughlin, E.F.M. (2007).
Using Video-Sharing On-line Tools.
IN: 162 Tips and Tricks for Working with e-Learning Tools (Bill Brandon - Editor). p44-45. Published by The eLearning Guild. eBook.

Conference Papers:
O’Loughlin, E.F.M. & Osterlind, S.J. (2007).
A Study of Blended Assessment Techniques in On-line Testing
AISHE 2007 (Full paper).

O’Loughlin, E.F.M. & Kelly D. (2006).
An evaluation of the effectiveness of Teaching Vignettes as part of a staff development programme in the School of Computing at the National College of Ireland.
AISHE 2006. (PDF).

O’Loughlin, E.F.M. (2006).
Evaluation and Assessment of Blogs and Discussion Boards in On-line Education.
EdTech 2006 (Research Track).

O’Loughlin, E.F.M. and Pathak, P. (2005).
The Irish e-Learning industry – growth or decline?
EdTech 2005. (PDF).

Cavanagh, J. and O’Loughlin, E.F.M. (2005)
e-Learning in Higher Education in Ireland: Hype or reality?
4th Annual IIUG Conference

Rovcanin, L & O’Loughlin, E.F.M. (2004).
Creating and Managing Learning Objects with Common Office Tools.
EdTech 2004. (PDF).

Kelly, D., Weibelzal, S., O’Loughlin, E.F.M., Arnedillo-S├ínchez, I., Pathak, P., and Gledhill, V. (2005).
e-Learning Research & Development - Roadmap for Ireland.
National College of Ireland. (PDF)

O'Loughlin, E.F.M. (2005)
An investigation into the introduction of a Learning Content Management System (LCMS) to manage and deliver courses at National College of Ireland.
National College of Ireland. (PDF).

O’Loughlin, E.F.M. and Osterlind, S.J. (2007).
Blended Assessment in Small to Medium-sized Classes.
Learning Solutions, The e-Learning Guild. (Abstract)

PhD Thesis:
O’Loughlin, E.F.M. (1988).
On shell shape variation in the painted topshell Calliostoma zizyphinum (L.).
University of Dublin.

Honorable Mentions:
O'Loughlin, E.F.M. (2008)
Happy Birthday , Learning TRENDS. IN: Learning TRENDS 500th Edition. (p 24). (PDF)

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