Thursday, April 16, 2020

Four Weeks Out of the Office #wfh

It's four weeks exactly since I last set foot in my office in the College. Even that was just to collect my folders of notes so that I could deliver my remaining classes on-line from home. Now four weeks later, with at least three to go before I get back, I am missing a lot of the daily interation with students and colleagues. It is feeling more distant with each passing day. 

We are currently in the Easter Reading Week - our last week of semester II takes place next week, as welcome an end-of-semester as ever there was. However, in a month's time we will be starting semester III and we will be planning for that soon. We are also gearing up for grading assignments and projects instead of exams which will be due in over the next few weeks. 

I made a video for the NCI Marketing Department a couple of weeks ago, as part of a series with some of my colleagues, showing off my home office. This is where I am spending most of my time. It is at the front of my house and I am slowly turning into the neighbourhood watch as I see everything that happens outside on my street. 

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