Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Seagull on my window! #Gullgate #NoFear

Recently the Department of Health advertised for a specialist company to rid them of a colony of seagulls circling the Department's building (see "Gullgate: 'Sweet-stealing seagulls’ at Department of Health to have wings clipped by pest control" article in Irish Independent. It also was the subject of a lot of jokes last summer when Senator Ned O'Sullivan stated that seagulls were "losing the run of themselves" - he called them "raucous" and "cheeky"!

Well here's a cheeky herring gull that landed on the window of my office. He/She pecked at the window and seemed very interested in the name tag necklaces I keep hanging on the window. It was not in the least put off by me holding a camera in its face - I was no more than a metre away from it.

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