Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Wishing I was on the #WildAtlanticWay - Achill Island from the air via @poloconghaile and @AerPhotoIreland

In today's Irish Independent travel writer Pól Ó Conghaile reminds us what we are missing here on the east coast with news of a video showing one of my most favourite parts of the Way: Achill Island. The video is interesting not only for the beautiful scenery on view, but that it was made by a drone flying over Achill - you can even see the drone's propellers in parts of the video. According to Pól, the video "footage was captured by Seán Gallagher of Aer Photo (" - check it out on YouTube for yourself:

Of course most of us cannot see the sights of the Wild Atlantic Way from the air - I covered the 2,500 kilometres on my motorcycle, and it looks great but different from the ground. Videos like this are great tasters for tourists, but rarely can we see the sights as portrayed in the video. Here's a second video from AerPhoto show-casing the brilliant Atlantic Drive in Achill:

Check out the AerPhoto website for more great videos (and photos).

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