Saturday, November 15, 2014

The Mousetrap #whodunnit

I finally got to see Agatha Christie's murder mystery "The Mousetrap"at the Bord Gáis Theatre last evening. It is the world's longest running play having been performed over 25,000 times since it began its run on 25th November 1952. Thankfully I had never heard what happens at the famous twist at the end - no spoiler alerts ever got to me!

Image Source: St Martin's Theatre.
"The Mousetrap" is usually only performed at St Martin's Theatre in London, but has been doing a diamond anniversary tour. It is running in Dublin for the first time and played before a full house last evening. The performance was brilliant, with the suspense being kept right up to the end. I'm sure like every one else in the theatre I was kept guessing as to "who done it". I got it wrong - but I won't spoil it here by revealing who my guess was.

A long running tradition with this play is that after the play is over, one of the characters asks the audience not to reveal the identity of the killer to anyone outside the theatre. As the ad for the play suggests "suspect everyone", apart from being a brilliant play - it is great fun looking for clues and trying to guess "who done it" all the way through. A most enjoyable evening!

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