Thursday, October 23, 2014

Microsoft Ends Nokia Brand #nostalgia

Yesterday the Irish Independent reported "End of an era: Microsoft drops Nokia brand for Lumia" in favour of its own Lumia range of Windows smartphones. It is indeed the "end of an era" as for many of us a Nokia phone was a first mobile phone choice.

The Nokia 5110.
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My first mobile phone was the Nokia 5110 like the one to the left - it was launched in 1998 on the Eircell network. Yes - for almost the first 40 years of my life I did not have a mobile phone! Harder even still to imagine is that Nokia was once a company that made toilet paper!

I used it for making/receiving calls, and playing "Snake". Text messaging was not yet that popular. It was a novelty that hardly ever rang when I got it as not everybody had a mobile phone. I rarely used it at work though it was handy for calling home when I travelled (except in USA where it didn't work). One of my toughest project management assignments was for a custom e-Learning project for Nokia - they certainly demanded a lot from me and my team.

Now that Microsoft are retiring this brand I'm sure there will be some nostalgia for the old handsets in the way that vinyl is making a comeback. Perhaps we will see this, and the many other early mobile phones in museums. Its already being called a "vintage phone" on eBay!

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