Friday, October 24, 2014

Linkedin "Jobs you may be interested in" - Still A Long Way To Go

I am a part-time Linkedin enthusiast. I keep my profile up-to-date and connect with lots of interesting people, and both my blog and Twitter feeds post automatically to my Linkedin account. I am often puzzled as to why some people I don't know would want to connect with me, and I am definitely puzzled when someone endorses me for something I have never done!

Thankfully I am not seeking work, but that doesn't stop Linkedin sending me links to jobs I "may be interested in". My occupation is a Lecturer in Computing, so I guess some (simple and crude) Linkedin algorithm is picking out the word "Lecturer" from my profile so that it can recommend other Lecturer positions to me regardless of discipline. 

Today Linkedin tells me that I might be interested in the job of "Lecturer in Anatomy" and other positions that I have no experience or qualifications for. I did not attend Med School, I have no medical qualifications (not even First Aid!), and I certainly have never had anything to do with the study of Anatomy.

So - while Linkedin may be useful in some circumstances for job-hunters, it certainly still has a long way to go before it can match a Linkedin Profile with a vacant position. Matching skills needs and competencies is still a difficult task, and Linkedin have a long way to go.

PS: I did not apply for this job! 

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