Thursday, September 18, 2014

Student's t-Test #statistics

Comparing means/averages between two samples is one on the commonest statistical tests - it is made a little difficult to understand in that there are several ways in which a comparison can be made depending on the type of data. This makes explaining and teaching this topic a little difficult. 

Over the past few days I have being creating and adding some new videos to my YouTube Channel, in preparation for the new semester, as study aids for my students. The two methods for comparing means with Student's t-Test are:
  1. t-Test for Independent (Unpaired) samples
  2. t-Test for Dependent (Paired) samples

For each of these methods there are different formulas, so I have created a video for each method to show how to manually calculate t, and extra videos to show to use Excel's Data Analysis Toolpak to do the same. These videos are:

Dependent (Paired) Samples:

Independent (Unpaired) Samples:

Next up - new videos doing the same using SPSS!

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