Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Bicycle Punctures #fedup

This morning I got my third puncture in a week (one last Friday, one yesterday, and one today), and I am getting fed up. In the past two weeks I have purchased four new tubes and I'll be using the last one to repair today's puncture. I need a cheaper source of tubes and will be checking out Halfords this weekend.

I had this problem before! Back 1990, I had been working in CBT Systems in Mount Street and used to cycle from Rathfarnham to work on most days. I spent a lot of time repairing punctures in the cold - there were all caused by glass. I have always been facinated by the "Is this a record?" letters to the Editor of The Irish Times and decided to have a go myself. Much to my surprise the letter was accepted and published!

I kept a cut-out of the letter which was published by the Irish Times on 10th March 1990.

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