Tuesday, May 13, 2014

There Should Be A Law turned 3 today! #thereshouldbealaw

Three years ago I set up a website www.thereshouldbealaw.org, so that grumpy old men like me could post messages like "There should be a law against eating crisps in the cinema", and other things that get up our nose. The site was very much an experiment, with a view to possibly creating a book of "laws" down the line. It has very much taken a back seat over the past two years while I worked on my new book "Exploring Ireland's Wild Atlantic Way". I occasionally post a new "law" as I see things all the time during everyday life, but I've done practically nothing to promote the site.

I think I'll keep it going for now - it is hosted for free on Tumblr and the domain name costs very little. In addition to everyday life, social media sites such as Twitter provide many ideas that I shamelessly use. I have many "laws" waiting in a queue to be published. While they are posted on  www.thereshouldbealaw.org, I'm guessing that it is on Twitter that the little bit of notice it gets occurs - the Twitter handle is @thereshudbalaw - please give it a follow. I had to use this shorter title because the full name of @thereshouldbealaw was one character too long for a Twitter username.

There should be a law against people setting up "There should be a law" websites!

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