Saturday, May 24, 2014

Cool Data Analytics, Trendsmap - Real Time Local Twitter Trends @trendsmap #HDSDA #analytics

There are many cool tools mapping Twitter information and I have been looking at Trendmaps where you can do things like trace geography of viral tweets and get a visual of what is currently trending. Lots of companies like Trendmaps are offering services like this and the model seems to be first a free "limited usage", followed by various packages from $9/month to €19/month in the case of Trendmaps. Given that Twitter only allows free access to about 1% of its massive database of tweets going back to 2006 for free, and charges from $500 for its so called "Twitter Fire Hose" per month - services like Trendmaps can provide access to Twitter data for a much lower cost for businesses.

Tools like this can also be used for education. Donal O'Mahony (@domaho) writing in his blog Elearning Island shows 20 uses of Twitter for educational purposes - his main use is for a History class where Twitter is used for an assignment. I think we will see more innovation in the analysis of Twitter for both business and education purposes. Twitter is now a valuable source of information for researchers.

Screen shot of Trendmaps tool.

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