Monday, May 19, 2014

"Exploring Ireland's Wild Atlantic Way" now available on

Printed copies of my new book will be available from this Wednesday when they arrive from the printers (GraphyCems in Spain) to The Liffey Press. Watch out for it soon in Easons Bookshops, and it is also available on-line from Easons (here) where it qualifies for free shipping. I do advise waiting a few days because the list price of €18.95 has been reduced to €17.95 - I do wish it was a lot cheaper than this, but printing costs leave us with no choice.

The book is also on where it is already reduced by 11% ($31.00 down to $27.44) - it can be pre-ordered and shipping is just €3.00 within the USA. While the book is listed on (I do wish we had our own for Ireland), it is described as "Currently unavailable". I'm told that the rules for listing books on are more relaxed than for For the latter, the book must be physically in Amazon's warehouse before they will list it on the UK version of the site as for sale.

It will be a tough job to sell this book, but hopefully the publicity about the Wild Atlantic Way this summer will at least help with some sales. I'm hoping to finalize a book launch this week, which will be another opportunity to sell a few books. Finally, I hope to sell some from this web site and on eBay, as well as those mentioned above.

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