Sunday, February 16, 2014

Review: Sarah Millican at The Olympia

Last evening Roma and I went along to see comedienne Sarah Millican at the Olympia Theatre. I have seen her stand-up comedy routines many times on TV and she is a great guest to have on the talk shows. The tickets were a Christmas 2012 present from my daughters - this must be one of the best Christmas presents I've ever got because I laughed so much along with a packed audience.

She takes the piss out of herself in a very relaxed, but hilarious way. She joked a lot about her weight, her "fella", her "down there", vibrators, "poo", in a show with a lot of toilet humour and sexual innuendo. Oh - and there's a lot of bad language too, her recorded TV stand up shows are probably performed in front of audiences where she has to tone down the language a bit. This was one of the best night's out for a long time - I'll be sure to catch her show the next time her tour brings her to Dublin.

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