Wednesday, February 19, 2014

50,000 miles of riding on my @HarleyDavidson #FLSTC #Magic

Yesterday my motorcycle passed the 50,000 miles (that's 80,467 kilometres) and I had to stop to record the moment. I bought the bike in January 2003, so this represents a modest 4,600 (approx) miles per year. I mostly use the bike to ride in and out from work (14 miles per day), but I have also had some memorable longer trips:

- The Wild Atlantic Way
- Dublin to Almancil (Portugal)
- Dublin to Murcia (Spain)
- Dublin to Sigean (France)

I'm hoping to holiday in northern Germany and ride on to Denmark and Sweden this coming summer. Here's to the next 50,000 miles, which at the same rate as the first 50,000 will occur in 2024 when I'm 64!

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