Monday, February 17, 2014

10 Major Technology Trends in Education -- via THE Journal

Chris Riedel writing for The Journal lists 10 Major Technology Trends in Education based on a "400,000 surveys from 9,000 schools and 2,700 districts" across the United States. The 10 trends are:
  1. Personal Access to Mobile Devices
  2. Internet Connectivity
  3. Use of Video for Classwork and Homework
  4. Mobile Devices for Schoolwork
  5. Using Different Tools for Different Tasks
  6. Paying Attention to the Digital Footprint
  7. An increased Interest in Online Learning
  8. Gaming is Growing, and the Gender Gap is Closed
  9. Social Media in Schools
  10. What Devices Belong in 'The Ultimate School?'
No surprise in some of these - two of the above interest me greatly. #3 is about video and the article notes that "46 percent of teachers are using video in in the classroom", and that "One-third of students are accessing video online — through their own initiative — to help with their homework". This is called the “Khan Academy effect”. Interestingly "23 percent of students are accessing video created by their teachers". I'd love to know what the figures are in Ireland, but I'm guessing that we cannot be that much different from the US.

The final item above (#10 - What Devices Belong in 'The Ultimate School?') tells us in the survey that "Fifty-six percent of students said laptops were most important; 51 percent chose digital readers; and 48 percent selected tablets", but more importantly that "62 percent of students want to bring their own devices". The era of BYOD is upon us and at the very least I would love to see all students at third and second level being equipped with a tablet computer for reading textbooks, taking and reading notes, and for research purposes. And of course that these devices are supported by the schools/colleges.

The full article is well worth a read to keep up with the latest thoughts and issues with technology in education.

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