Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Comment: As Data Proliferate, So Do Data-Related Graduate Programs (via @chronicle) #Analytics

Megan O’Neil, writing in The Chronicle of Higher Education, tells us that As Data Proliferate, So Do Data-Related Graduate Programs. She reports that the University of Texas at Austin has recently experienced "52 students selected from more than 400 applicants" and "One-year revenue from the self-funded program is projected to total about $1.7-million". This surely must set the pulses racing of every Financial Controller in every third-level College - soon, most Colleges will have courses on "Big Data".

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At the National College of Ireland we are currently running a Higher Diploma in Data Analytics with over 100 students. The Higher Education Authority (HEA) is funding many courses in ICT skills, including data analytics, through the ICTSkills and Springboard initiatives. Clearly, the powers-that-be agree with the likes of Forfás that there is a major ICT skills shortage and are prepared to front up the money to pay for the courses. Industry people are telling us that data analytics skills are in short supply, and that in particular data-savvy managers is where growth in jobs is foreseen.

If you are interested in applying to the National College of Ireland to study data analytics, there are two options open for our next course starting in March:

Springboard (you need to be on Job Seekers Allowance to apply) - go to Springboard Courses

ICT Skills (open to both employed and unemployed) - go to ICTskills.ie.

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